We Are Hiring Tree Care Subcontractors


All applicants for subcontractor positions are subject to a background check. All subcontractors must submit 10-99 for taxation purposes, prior to commencement of work.


We are scheduling 3-5 days per week through the slow season. We will ramp up to 6 days per week by mid-April 2016.


All subcontractors are paid cash daily. A firm starting daily pay rate will be negotiated at time of hire. Our subcontractors’ pay rates are above the local average.


Please send your resume to urbanforestservices@gmail.com, with daily pay requirement.
Enter into subject line: Employment, Position, First and Last Name.


We are seeking climbers for trims and removals. Safety is our utmost concern, followed by quality, then production. Climbers are required to carry your own climber’s insurance policy, this is a deductible expense of approximately $800/year. Climbers are required to take responsibility for their cuts and subsequent impacts. Climbers are required to wear helmets. Climbers are required to maintain their own personal equipment, including:
 Helmet
 Saddle
 Rope, carabiners, split tails etc.
 Lanyard/Flip-Line
 Gloves
 Safety Glasses
 Spurs
 Handsaw


We are seeking ground workers for yard cleanup of waste materials; wood brush, leaves and debris, and haul waste materials to trailer, grapple pile, or chipper. Other responsibilities include, assisting climber, technical rope-work/down rigging, unloading trailer at recycling center, planting trees, occasional flyer flipping. Ground workers are required to wear hardhats. Ground workers are required to maintain their own personal equipment, including:
 Hardhat
 Gloves
 Safety Glasses